One Four Challenge. October Week Three. Urban Madness


When the madness of the liquor starts to get a hold of you, then the world starts to look colourful, blurry…

The lights start to get bright.

But, beware the ghosts of madness


  1. Beautiful Capture. I love pictures where its hard to tell at first glance what the pic is all about, but once I read the description, I can see things that I hadn’t noticed earlier , and then the picture becomes as clear as can be. 🙂

    1. Thanks. Well, in my younger days, while I never drink often, it was always the binge drinking that I indulged in. Now, it’s just that wee dram once in a while…

      It can make you mellow, bring out the dark side and give you the false sense of power

      1. I no longer tolerate alcohol in this body. I drank a lot in my younger years and yes know all about the darker side and a false sense of power. I enjoy the power of being in control of mind by being alcohol free. This existence is not for everyone. It is right choice for me. 🙂 ❤

  2. I like the warmer colors and the bright areas and the dark areas… I keep wanting to look around the image to find all the secrets. Great edit this week. 🙂

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