Home……………. Sweet Home????


This picture was taken last week, and was published in The Indian Express. It is the home of the four year old girl who was raped. The hanging doll is poignant and significant, and surreal.

This morning, the RS (the madcap Hindu fundamentalist group that supports the ruling BJP) said that, in the Vedas, it is stated that cow slaughter is punishable by death. There is a historical anomaly here. The Vedic religion of India came in from Central Asia and predates the Hindu religion. Cows became holy during the Hindu religion.

However, all this is unimportant. What is important, is that a four year old girl was raped, and the politicians and leaders are more concerned about cow slaughter and the Vedas.

This is also the time for celebration. We are in the middle of the festive season of India.

This morning, I read that a five year old girl was raped, and a two year old girl was gang-raped.

Home can never be the same for these  girls. The word, trust, will never find it’s way into their dictionary.

I wonder what the mentally sick rapists were celebrating.

The three young girls and their families will not be celebrating.

Politicians play the blame game, and six rapes continue to be recorded in Delhi every day.

What is important here? Protecting citizens or misquoting historical texts?

We speak a lot about Indian culture, and to a large extent, the culture that existed 4,000 years ago is unimportant. It is indeed a part of our cultural subconscious, but what is even more important is the culture that exists today, and the legacy that we leave our descendants.

I cannot claim that we are leaving a good legacy.

Rape is sick. Rapists are sick. Mentally and emotionally sick.

Child rape goes beyond mental sickness.

A society that condones rape, and child rape is sick.

It is time that we woke up to the reality and the sickness that threatens to spread in India before it is too late.

We don’t have time.


  1. Thank you for sharing Rajiv-san.
    As I said so many times, there are so many things about (all) humans that are beyond my comprehension. But we all can put an effort to stop the madness.

  2. This is straight from hell. A child loosing innocence in this matter is hideous and JUSTICE needs to be addressed. This was very difficult for me to read. How low mankind has sunk.

  3. I read these reports too…and it’s sickening. We waste time arguing about cows and pigs and remarks made by daft politicians…while the life of crime carries on. We hoped after the Nirbhaya episode, we would have learnt somethings…but lessons learnt are so easily forgotten. It seems that more people would react to false rumours about cow slaughter than to real cases like child abuse and rapes. It’s despicable where our society seems to have reached. Sad sad reality.

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