My Camera And My Chai: Mohandas Said…

My Camera And My Chai
My Camera And My Chai

Normally, when I write about my “Camera & My Chai”, I tend to write in a tongue-in-cheek manner. This post may, or may not, meet that standard. Having said that, I am going to plunge right in, irrespective of the risks of biting my tongue between my teeth.

I have just finished reading an issue of “Time Magazine”, in which they covered the visit of the Pope to the USA. In this, they quoted Mr Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as having said that those who believe that religion and politics are not connected, don’t understand either.

Mr Gandhi is often referred to as Mahatma Gandhi, or as BapuJi (in India).

There is much that I disagree with, when it comes to that old codger, and when I read his book, “My Experiments With Truth”, I did come way with the impression that he was a bit of a crackpot. I may be one of few who believe that. Having said all this, this quote of his did strike a chord, and the much respected old gent hit the proverbial nail on the head, with a rather large and powerful hammer.

You see, people often talk of prostitution as the world’s second oldest profession. It may well be the world’s third oldest profession, with professional priesthood and professional politics coming ahead of the pack.

In my humble view, religion is not about religion. It is not about God. Religion is about Power.

Politics is not about doing good for the mass of the people. Watch “House of Cards” or better, read “Animal Farm”, to understand this. Politics is about Power.

Therefore, since I believe in Maths:

If R = Pwr

and P = Pwr

then, mathematically, R = P

There is a mathematical logic to this that defies any attempts to obfuscate the issue with sophistry, or with flowery prose that attempts to divert the mind from the core issue.

There is a tinge of sadness to this, as the masses of humanity tend to get swayed by rhetoric, and there lies the nub.

We use too many words, and many people are scared of maths in school.

I don’t know if Mr Gandhi was good in mathematics, or if he liked it, but the beautiful simplicity of his mathematical equation linking politics and religion cuts through all the nonsense that we have been fed with, and for this (if nothing else_, he should be applauded.

However, this will not suit professional priests and politicians.

Therefore, Gandhi’s beautiful mathematical theorem linking two of the most corrupt professions has often gone unnoticed, and lies forgotten amongst the dusty files of history.


    1. Thanks…. In the cray environment we have in India these days, I was beginning to think that I am going to have some crazy folk aiming to gun me down!

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