Ed’s History Challenge: The Wall of The City

The Wall
                                                                                                     The Wall

Between 1638 and 1649, the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, built his capital in Delhi. He called it ShahJahanabad. Many people today have forgotten it is called ShahJahanabad. They simply call it The Walled City, or Old Delhi. However, New Delhi has parts that are much older than “Old Delhi”.

The City built by the king had walls around it, and several gates. Most of the original wall has disappeared. This is one, slowly being overtaken by trees and roots. This section is near Delhi Gate. Almost no one knows of this section of the original wall.

Delhi consists of seven historical cities, eight if you count Lutyen’s Delhi.


    1. Cool!
      I wanted to comment on your post on Topaz Simplify. Life has been crazy and I have not been able to keep up with the blogs..
      But, they chose the name Simplify, because they wanted a simple way to confuse all of us!

  1. You continue to provide me with reference material for beginning to understand India, a country I love despite its difficulties and complexities, dearly. The list of places i need to check out when i get back increases

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