These Eyes….

            These Eyes
                                                                            These Eyes

India is a country where, many people believe, people smile a lot. It is indeed true. We Indians do smile a lot.

Yet sometimes, smiles hide the sadness in the eyes.

I photographed this young girl during the Id celebrations. I was at Jama Masjid, and people where singing and frolicking in celebrations.

So, why the sadness?

These days, India has been rocked by the recent murder of two Muslims for the unforgivable crime of cow slaughter.

Unforgivable. They dared to slaughter our Holy Mother.

There are gangs of madmen who are now wandering the streets, creating cow protection cells. One has licensed guns, and brandishes his guns on his Facebook profile.

This morning, I woke up to read that a four year old girl died after being brutally raped. 

Rape is bad enough, but to brutally rape a 4 year old represents a sickness and depravity that goes beyond the bounds of sanity.

Yet, the Cow Protection Cells believe that it is more important to bash a man to death for cow slaughter than to protect a four year old girl from being raped.

These eyes…… should they smile?


    1. Dat true. It is the sad truth. The girl did not die. I was mistaken. But, she is scarred for life. Her innocence and childhood died.

      I have not seen you around for a while

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