Where Does The Innocence Go?

Innocence. Future Lost?
                                                                                   Innocence. Future Lost?

The Indian Press is all the rage about the lynching and killing of a Muslim man for killing a cow.

Cow slaughter offends Hindu sentiments, and the cow is our Holy Mother. We are not allowed to kill and eat her, but we are allowed to poison her with plastic.

Politicians and the media throng the village to make brownie points and to make whatever point they want to make.

Meanwhile, the villagers are at pains to tell both, the media and the politicians, to kindly bugger off.

The Hindus of the village stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslims of the village, and say, ‘leave us alone. we are friends and neighbours.’

Yet, they are not allowed to be alone. The politicians and the press would arrogate the right to speak on behalf of the villagers. The villager, you see, are simpletons and idiots.

Look at the kids above. There is innocence in their eyes, and their body language speaks of friendship and sisterhood.

When, and how, are they taught division and hate?

When does the innocence go? They are children and are not allowed to be exposed to the ways of the world.

Where does the innocence go?

I thought that religion preached love for all.

Am I mistaken?


  1. Honestly Rajiv, the state of religion and politics in India today leaves little to be said. In an era where urban school kids are actually growing up without really knowing what is the difference between hindus and muslims and christians, it is sad that in the rural areas, our politicians and religious leaders are busy creating differences where none existed. We need to stop this.

    Very relevant question…

  2. Bharti Athray speaks of religion and politics in India but it is the same all over. here in the west, we receive the same sermons in church, but politicians and policemen and those in power do not listen. Children are taught division and hate in the home. They are sponges. They hear something from a parent and repeat it at school. It is no different wherever you live, whatever country.

  3. Mankind would be better know without religion. Nobody could ever show we that morality requires a believe in God. Religion is only there to tell people lies, about life after death and about gratitude they receive in paradise. And religion alsways was and always is prone to misuse by the religious leaders. They recruit uneducated people to war and terror, by telling them it is in Gods own name.
    Educated people don’t need a God, this is as simply as it is.
    regards, Michael

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