One Four Challenge. Week Four. Urban Sunset


This is the final rendition from me. I have been absent from WP, and may continue this way for the next few days. I have been busy with visitors as well as some heavy editing work. The editing load will continue for a while

Here again, I did not use any plug-ins. I used the burn and dodge tools to create selective contrast. I also used the selective colour adjustment in the green channel.

Do you like it?

The previous week’s renditions are shown below, so that you can see the somewhat subtle progression.


Urban Sunset

If you look carefully, you will see the changes week by week. Subtle, in a sense, I think.

Next month, I will go wild…


      1. I Shall catch up! Need to email you.. And update 500px and FineArt America… Want to work on a ebook, photography lessons…. And plan an exhibition… Will I survive ?

  1. Subtle is good Raj and I particularly like this one, with it’s beautiful transitions of colour and the clarity of the city on the foreground. I’ve enjoyed this subject and all of your editions!
    Hope you’re enjoying time with your visitors.

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