The Dispatches of Hira Singh – Part 10

“I believe no two men fight for the same thing. It is war in each man’s heart, each man fighting as the spirit moves him”

  • —Hira  Singh

Now this, my friends, is one deep statement. I actually cannot write about this in one post, and I do not want to bother you with too many posts on this.

Let’s go around a bit. One of the things that I read about, many moons ago, was a theory in physics called The Many Worlds Theory. I don’t know if it ever became popular, but I think not. It was inspired, I believe, by Schrodinger and his cat.

As per the Hindu concept of Maya, the world is illusion, and we live in our illusions and perceptions. To that extent, there is no one world. We all perceive the world differently. Look at it from the perspective of a photographer. We all photograph a scene differently. We are not the same. We cannot be.

This is a problem that we all face in our daily lives. Of course, corporate captains talk a lot about leadership, team spirit and the lot of that stuff.

The result of an uncoordinated team is the loss of market share, money etc

In the army, the result is lost lives and lost territory.

In families, the result is dispute, fractured individuals etc.

We strive to create unity, as leaders or managers. Yet, as individuals, we strive to maintain our own sense of individuality.

Think about this.

I have been, at the same time – leader and ‘follower’. The word ‘ follower’ irks me. I prefer to say ‘team member’, with a boss on top. I have believed that my boss should show direction, guide, but let me get on with my job. I have always rebelled against bosses who tried to micro-manage me, and my rebellion has often cost me. Yet, stubborn person that I am, I have not changed. I mellowed, but the core did not change.

My spirit moved me. I find the same thing with my photography. I do straight work for projects. Yet, I increasingly move towards interpretative photography, and I seek to impose my perceptions on my images. The same goes for my writings. Unless, the spirit moves me, I cannot write.

So yes, I cannot help but agree with Hira Singh, when he says that no two men fight for the same thing. It is a conundrum that we shall forever have to live with. We have to recognise this, and we have to mould ourselves accordingly.

The lessons of war often spill over onto other aspects of life. We need to recognise and respect this.

Hira Singh was a wise man indeed.


  1. when you must say yes or no the most important thing is looking for that and understand if it works fine i mean is not a io problem a self problem the solution must work in reality in the whole world more you stay near to this more you are on the right side ….. conformism is a form of control like religion marriage military society …. there is enough wonder for all if there were no rulers …. keep going on

      1. Pier paolo Pasolini a man really different from me but a genius says that consumerism has succeeded where even the Nazis managed not making us all identical and this mean the first kind of control applied to all humanity …. Pasolini was killed in italy and the killer never go to prison someone else confess the crime and get to prison …. the power the rulers solve killer and killed genius …. the world is upside down ….

      2. You are right again…
        In India, my son resists wearing Indian clothes. So do I.. And, sometimes it is strange. I used to wear jeans, even when it was hot and humid. Last year, when I was photographing in Vrindavan, I thought I would die. I have shifted to kurtas in summer (much lighter) and very light trousers.

        Consumerism does make idiots of all of us

  2. I’ve often thought of this “everyone has their own reality” theory. For instance, if I say the grass is green, how do I know someone else sees green the way I do. Interesting concept!

    1. It is an interesting concept!
      btw… I am planning to research and shoot the haunted places of Delhi in January. Do you want to shoot the haunted places in your nick of the woods, at the same time?

  3. Excellent post, Rajiv. I used to be a student of astrology and found so many subtle and not so subtle nuances that made every person very different. In Western astrology there are the twelve houses and the planetary influences on them which are seen as descriptors for our individuality. It’s a fascinating area of study and very complex!

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