The Dispatches Of Hira Singh. Part Nine

“I tell you sahib, obedience that is worth anything, must come from the heart and understanding”

– Hira Singh

I actually don’t have too much to add to this one, neither for it nor against. I believe in this one, and I don’t want to be the Devil’s Advocate here.

We all experience this, I think. The curse of the Lip Service. Whether it is to marriage, or work, or beliefs, or public service or whatever. There are so many of us who are self-serving and the only thing that we actually do, is to believe in the miracle of the Spin Doctors.

Is this something that we have come to believe? That the ultimate axiom in life is the truth created by the Spin Doctors?


  1. Oh dear Raj….this is the thing that drives me nuts in life the most. It’s the thing that causes me anguish on a daily basis. We are surrounded by media with half truths. even the “news” of today isn’t real news…it’s snippets and headlines created to get our attention so the ratings go up so they can get new advertisers or advertisers who pay more. Sighs. We’ve gotten off track here in society. There is still good but it is so hard to find.

    1. You have to see Indian news. I don’t watch it. At least in the USA, you have sophisticated spin doctors. In India, the lies are blatant, crude and loud…

      Strange world we live in

      1. I will.. We have some whacky characters on TV. Absolutely insane.
        There is an interesting article in The Economist on the fires, where they believe that some of the firefighting that is being done actually increases the chance of fires spreading, by destroying some of nature’s mechanisms

      2. Yes.. But, the fires rob the trees of their natural protective resin. And clearng the underbrush also affects the whole natural way of things

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