Thus Spake Loki: The Return Of She



I searched for her, year in and year out for many years. One day, I fell asleep. This is a silly thing to say, of course. I sleep every day.

Yet, there was something different this time around. I slept. At least, I think I slept. What was I dreaming of? Was I dreaming? Or, was I awake, and dreaming that I was dreaming?

Once again, I was in a dark place. It was eerie. There seemed to be a fog. There always seems to be a fog during these dark, eerie nights. It is almost like a horror movie. I wonder if the fog is in my mind. Is the fog within us? It is funny how, during a wet summer day, the fog can be calming, soothing. Yet, when we think of something scary, the fog seems sinister.

How much of this lies within us? How much of this is a projection of our own fears and doubts onto an external world.

Where the hell was I? As always, I seemed to be in a sinister forest. Again, another cliche. Damn this. Are we doomed to live within cliches? Why? Why?

Where the hell was I, and why was I here? I walked. I did not stumble. I moved the branches out of my face. Damned branches. Damned dark. Damned fog. Why was I brought here?

Suddenly, I saw her. There she was, and all I could see was her face. Her eyes, those hollows in her face were hidden behind some spikes. Had they gouged her face? Why was she smiling?

She seemed to be enjoying the prospect of the pain of being gouged. But no…. She was not being gouged. She had a sinister smile on her face. She was enjoying my discomfiture, my fear. She could smell it. The spikes were big.

I sense them. I feel them moving. They have a life of their own. I feel their pointed tips on my skull. They threaten my survival. They threaten my sanity.

Her smile is implacable in it’s coldness and it’s evil. She has turned sinister. She is dead, and yet she is alive.

What is going to happen? Will I join her?

I want to…..

I don’t want to….


  1. I”m not seeing you in my reader. šŸ˜¦ I”m glad you commented on my blog because I clicked and found this post. I was thinking this very thing the other morning…about our dreams and what they mean. Sometimes my dreams are downright scary. Sometimes they are spiritual warfare! I feel like I’ve lived another lifetime after I awaken from one of those. Why is it that dreams are rarely sunshine and roses?

    1. I don’t see you in my Reader as well. I get your posts in my email.

      Speaking of fires and scary stuff, I saw a YouTube video of a man who drove through the California fires and barely escaped. It is a short 1:46 minute video, but I kept going.. “Holy Shit” through the video. It was scary enough on the video. I cannot imagine what he was feeling

      1. Oh I saw that video too! Frightening!!! How weird that we don’t see each other in the reader. šŸ˜¦ I don’t use emails because I get too many of them and never check them lol. Usually when someone comments or I think of it…I type in the url. I know yours by heart. šŸ™‚

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