1-4 Challenge. Week 2. Urban Sunset


For this week’s rendition, I took the same HDR base shot and just did a B&W conversion in Photoshop

All I did after that was to apply a slight curves adjustment.

It is, as you can see, a very simple edit, with a slightly watered down effect

For week 3 & 4, I will build upon this in different ways.

I had mentioned to Ben that, this month, I will not use any Topaz or DXO or Nik Filters. None…


  1. Rajiv, I do like the BW!! It makes me keep looking.
    Is there an ocean and mountains behind the city and then the sky… or is it all sky? This is an image that you can keep looking into!

      1. You could add a little more contrast Rajiv, but looking at the content, rather than just the image – I find it interesting, because I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing.
        I know there are buildings in the fg, but I can’t quite decide if the bg is ocean, or sky or both. It’s intriguing.
        Will watch with interest your next decisions 😃

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