The Magic Frame: What’s In The Bag ? Part One


What's In The Bag?
What’s In The Bag?

I am back, and I hope to be a little more regular.

One of the things that kept me away, was my week long driving trip. This was fun. I drove 1,650 km into Central India. Driving 1,650 km in India is much like driving 5,000 km in Europe or the USA.

I won’t go into the joys of driving on the highway. Despite the many trials and tribulations we face, there are many joys indeed. There is freedom. There is a renewed connection with nature. There is a renewed connection with your inner self. But, all this is for another time.

So, what was in the bag?

Three cameras. I took along a Nikon Coolpix and a Nikon D 200. I kept the D 200 and the Coolpix mostly on the floor of the car, so that I could stop the car on the side of the road and take pictures. We do have this freedom in India.

There was the D810. I had my 28-300 mm lens, which was my ‘go to’ lens. The 14-24 mm lens is what i used for landscape work, as well as the interiors of some parts of the forts.

I did have my 50 mm prime. Also, a 60 mm macro, which I used sparingly. Next time, for such a trip, I would take the 105 mm macro in place of the 60 mm

There were two flashguns – the SB800 and the SB600. I did not use them this time, but subsequent to this trip, I bought a clamp to attach a flash to a branch, for instance. I intend to buy one more.

There was an ND 4 filter, lots of memory cards, a lens cleaning kit and a chamois leather cloth. Batteries. Always carry spare batteries for the cameras, as well as for the flashes, along with chargers.

There was, of course, my Manfrotto tripod and a remote release for the cameras. You can’t do without them.

And, this is what I had for company on that week long trip!


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