My Camera & My Chai: You Can Always Blame God





I was out driving this morning. After a long while, we had some rain. Hallelujah, did  I hear you call?


Do you remember that old story, the one where Moses was the hero, and the Red Sea Parted, and the Red Sea came crashing down upon the hapless Egyptians? Bad boys they were, those Egyptians.

Anyway, the roads today resembled a river in flood,and I got to thinking about who is responsible.

The various municipal agencies blame each other, and go back home.

The Congress blames the BJP, and the BJP blames the Congress.

Then, one of them, possibly from that crank rabid Hindu outfit – the RSS or VHP – gets an idea and everyone is united in their stand.

Taking inspiration from Moses, they point their fingers to the Heavens and say, Blame God! After all, even corporate contracts have an “Act of God” clause.

This is an “Act of God”.

God is the culprit.



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