Monochrome Madness – Sydney Bridge

Sydney Bridge
Sydney Bridge

For this week’s Monochrome Madness, I am revisiting an old, short-lived haunt of mine – Sydney Bridge.

This is an old digital jpeg. The original was crooked, and I straightened it in DXO and then a bit more using Photoshop’s Transform Tool

The B&W effect came from DXO again, using an Agfa 200 ISO film filter, and then I added a white light leak


    1. Hi.. Yeah, I know it’s called the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I was sleepy when I did the post… The Harbour got lost along the way, I think..

    1. That is indeed, your Sydney Harbour Bridge. I have been to Sydney some 7-8 times, many years ago… And, have been hooked on Masterchef Australia this season!
      If you were watching it, I was backing Billie all the way

      1. It’s a great country isnt it? I do love it here 🙂 Did you ever climb the bridge? One day I’d love to myself.
        Yes I was watching Masterchef this year (mostly anyway).. and I was sure Billie was going to win. She was amazing!

      2. I agree… Billie was amazing. It was fascinating watching Heston(?)’s face as he watched her blow that sugar bubble. I also liked the way that she was encouraging Georgia, even though she was down 4 points.
        Austalia is a great country. I wish I could have explored it some more

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