Two Muslims Died…..

Before I get into this, I must start with a WordPress disclaimer. I often read blogs on my IPAd, and for some reason, the app does not work so well. I only get these “Freshly Pressed” posts.

This morning, the press announced that Mullah Omar of the Taliban died. I hope I spelled his name correctly. A few days ago, our ex-President, Dr Abdul Kalam died. Both were involved with missiles, and both were Muslims. That is pretty much where the similarities ended. They were both, extremely intelligent people as well.

Mr Omar of the Taliban used missiles for destruction. Dr Abdul Kalam was head of India’s missile development programme. He was an extremely intelligent person who came from a poor family. Through sheer hard work, and while maintaining his dignity, he gained the respect of the Indian community while climbing to the President’s seat. 

Dr Kalam was one person who brough back dignity to the word “politican”, though he was not a practising politican. In India, we have been blessed with some extremely well-read, dignified and gifted Presidents. Which is sad, because the President in India does not have too much power.

When we as Indians respected Dr Kalam, we did not give him that respect because he is Muslim. The fact that he is – was – Muslim, was irrelevant. We have respect for Dr Kalam, the man, and I think that this is what counts.

I do know that many Indians, and many people around the world castigate Muslims, and believe that they are the source of much evil. Yet, the World Wars were not started by Muslims. The Crusades were not the sole domain of the Muslims. 

Yes, people like Mullah Omar give Muslims a bad name. When you do have people like Dr Kalam, it is only right to point out that, in the blessed world in which we live, you should be measured by your deeds and not your religion, caste or creed. 

It is quite possible that is we try for this, we may have a more peaceful world to live in. 


  1. Very Well said, my Dear Rajiv! People do tend to have a ‘blanket’ look on our Muslim brethren, more than what happens to Christians, in India.

    And Kalam seems to have captured the heart of the Entire Nation, and with very good reason. We are blessed to have had him.

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