My Camera & My Chai: Achtung!!

Nikon And Gear
Camera And Chai
Mother India Attacks!!
Mother India Attacks!!

Achtung! It’s raining cattle!

Oh my Goodness, Gracious me! Mother India comes in from the sky, from the trees, from some sort of subterranean channel and emerges with the full force of her fury on the road….

Achtung! Apart from the raindrops that fall from the sky, cattle falls as well…

Oh my Goodness, Gracious me! There was an old Jewish joke that I read many years ago. A Rabbi was preaching to his flock, and while he was in full flow, a bird decided to drop its load on his shiny, bald pate. As he wiped the greasy muck from his holy head, he looked up at the sky, and said, “Oh, Glory Be to God in His Infinite wisdom”. When one member of his puzzled flock enquired as to the reason for his joy when he had just been smeared with bird dropping, he looked at the person, and kindly explained, “Now, I realise why God, in His Infinite Wisdom, did not put cows in the sky!”

I guess God changed his mind!

Achtung! It’s raining cattle! Cover your heads!



  1. An absolute fantastic photo, Rajiv–especially the big city in the background. This is one of my favorites of yours.
    And I love the joke. I must remember this one and see if I can’t spread the good humor around.

    1. Thanks. But, I must give credit where credit is due. This one was taken by my daughter. I processed it in Nik, and then I took it into Topaz Impressions. I shall tell her you like it!

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