The Magic Frame: Isolation. A Reprise


The World Rushes Past
The World Rushes Past

The last time I wrote about a second element of composition – isolation – I had uploaded a picture of a boat. For your reference, I am uploading it into this post as well.

At Pong Dam
At Pong Dam

In the photograph that I took at Pong Dam, there is one simple element that is isolated. If you look at the Google Landing page, it is a marvel of simplicity. The picture of Pong Dam is similar, in that there is just one element.

The picture was also meant to depict isolation and bleakness.

Now, we are not always going to be able to have such situations, and we are not always able to isolate elements. Sometimes, a picture is comprised of a lot of messy elements, or seemingly messy elements. This happens all the time while doing street photography, especially in India.

However, making this, is no a excuse for making a sloppy photograph. It is the photographer’s job to compose – or make – a photograph where all the key elements are isolated and where the photograph tells a story.

When I took the picture on top, I was struck by the fact that the young man was, or seemed to be, completely pre-occupied with his phone and was oblivious of the traffic rushing by. My task was to isolate him from the chaos, while making sure that he was part of the frame.

So, to do this, I put the camera on a tripod, with a slow shutter speed. I do not believe in God, but I prayed that he would not move, and luckily he obliged.

In my view, despite the fact that this was, essentially, a messy scene, I managed to convey the story and to isolate the key elements, while helping them balance each other.

Balance…. Another time..




  1. I love this photo! The line guy in a boat. I thought he was fishing at first glance! Odd to be on a boat standing on your phone. Why not enjoy the serenity of it all! 😄

  2. Rajiv. I have not run into you on WordPress in a while. How are ya? You are an excellent photographer. It is art for you. I’m just a lady that takes a lot of photos. I feel like I learned something here. (And of course, you know I cannot imagine not believing in God. I could feel his presence from the time I was 4, when no one in my family did, but we all choose what we believe for ourselves, so we are just different. I just can’t imagine my life without him.)

    1. Hi! I have seen your blog from time to time, but I have been in such a lot of time stress lately, that I have not been able to comment.

      Thanks for your compliment on my photography. I really appreciate it. Well, everyone has a different approach to photography, and it has to suit your needs. I am developing the ‘fine art’ side of my photography. I find that it allows me to push myself creatively.

      I tend to be agnostic / pagan in my beliefs

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