The Dispatches Of Hira Singh. Part Seven

“Hunted animals would know enough to eat and hurry on. Hunted animals would be wise to run in the direction least expected. Hunted animals would take advantage of ill-weather to put distance between them and their foe”.

There is a certain wisdom in this statement. A certain sense of, ‘hey, that is so bleeing obvious. Common sense, we would say, and slap our heads and ask ourselves why a seemingly rational chap like me would make a big hoo-haa about this sort of statement.

Yet, the funny thing about the obvious, is that it is often hidden. In witch and magical lore, they say that the moonlight reveals what the sunlight hides. We can see better in the sun, but how many of us have been in the desert in the blinding light of the summer sun? It hides what should be obvious, and when the moon shines at night, everything looks different, and we see things by a different light, and this changes our perspective. 

It is the same thing with common-sense. It is all too rare.

We often think we are hunted by enemies that are obvious – our boss, our neighbour, the Muslim next door, the rabid Hindu fundamentalist, that person who is not as rich or poor as us.

I think that we are hunted by time. I have been feeling this of late, and as my life winds down ( I may have 20 years to live ), I suddenly feel that time is running short. There are times when I am awake at night, thinking of Time The Hunter, and I tell myself – there is not that much time to lose. It is the one resource that cannot be renewed (unless I am a quantum particle, but let’s not get abstruse). And so, while indeed there is time for fun and laughter, there is no time left for complacency.

Of course, we need to run in the direction least expected. I have been blind-sided by bosses.  He was a member of the Global Managing Board. I thought of him as a glorified sales manager, and it possibly showed. My belief system was that as long as you keep contributing to the organisation, the organisation will recognise and reward you. Bloody stupid, heh? So, I ran in the direction most expected, and got screwed.

Yet, as Lao Wang would have told me, “it is good, my friend”. Or, he would say, “Lao pengyou, zhe shi hao”. If I had not got blind-sided, I would not have changed the course of my life.

The last part, yes. Take advantage of the bad weather. Think about this photographically. There is more drama in bad weather, than not. I am trying to put together a group to go to Leh in winter. No one wants to go, because it is cold. Maybe, here, I have something going.

The hunter, if he is not wise, will avoid the bad weather.

We are thr hunter, and we are the hunted. We hunt ourselves, and we hunt for ourselves.

Think about this.


  1. ‘It is the same thing with common-sense. It is all too rare.’
    so true.

    ‘We often think we are hunted by enemies that are obvious – our neighbour’.

    i relate.

    excellent post.

      1. I read it again and I’m still in agreement. Different perspectives are important. Like seeing both sides of the coin to view the object as a whole. Also, one cannot really get a new perspective unless they are willing to go where others are not.

        There’s a song by the Indigo Girls called “The Wood Song”

        “But the wood is tight and the wood is old and we’ll make it fine if the weather holds, but if the weather holds will I miss the point? That’s where I need to go.”

  2. You know what I feel that time is short too! Winding down like you said! I feel this though probably more then think about it that much! Until I read this! I feel it too! 😀

  3. Hello, Rajiv! …As for me, I do believe I have at least 5 years LESSER than You have! But somehow, that does not worry me, as I keep Plugging away, at every opportunity!

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