Thus Spake Loki: I Am Water



I am me, but I am water. For those who like to be scientific, or believe that they are, I am composed of two atoms of hydrogen, and one of oxygen. My different molecules are held together by somewhat weak bonds, and I flow.

Despite the rather humble nature of my structure, I am versatile as some of you may well know. If not, you may well wonder, and ask

For one, I have the ability to dissolve many things, many substances. Some people have gone so far as to call me a universal solvent. There I am, showing off again. However, I must demur. While indeed, I possess the ability to dissolve much, I cannot dissolve anything. There are also limits to how much I can dissolve. Yet, this ability of mine does allow me to be used in all sorts of chemical processes in laboratories, in factories and in human, plant and other animal bodies. In my very humble opinion, because I have this property, I facilitate many vital processes.

Indeed, I would even say that my presence is necessary for many of these processes to take place. Look at what happens when a plant is deprived of water, or you are thirsty. Look at what happens when the soil dries up.

Would you not agree that I am a carrier? I help carry substances from one place to another. Brilliant, is it not? Of course, sometimes this has unfortunate side effects, like erosion. But then, I also allow people to ride my surfaces, using a boat. I facilitate transportation and trade.

You consume me to survive. When your digestive processes are complete, you need me to carry the waste out of your body, else it would remain inside, and we know what harm that can cause.

I flow, and it is by my side that many a mystic has sat by my side, watched the river flow, and attained enlightenment. Why, I was even mentioned by Hesse in his book, “Siddhartha”. At the end, Siddhartha attains enlightenment by the side of the river. For those of you have read Hemingway’s “The Old Man And The Sea”, the old man finds himself while fishing in the seas.

The fish live in my body, and this is good.

What happens when I stagnate? Mosquitoes breed, metals rust and sometimes, disease spreads. Keep me clean, I say.

What happens when I flow too fast? I erode cliffs, river beds move, and tsunamis take place. I can be gentle, yet when roused to anger, my fury can be deep indeed. Respect me I say, and I shall respect you.

I am all over the place. I cover the earth’s surface to a large extent. I am in the soil. I am in the air. I am in your body.

We are part of each other, one becoming the other. When you die, and become ash or dust, the rain soaks your remains and returns you to the earth.

Why do you then forsake me, I ask? Why do you pollute me, and treat me with scant respect? Why do some of you waste me, while others die of thirst?

We are one, you and I.

Respect me, and I shall respect you.

Forsake me, and I shall forsake you.

Find your true self in me, and I shall find my true self in you.



  1. Love this Raj. It’s especially meaningful to me over here in California because of our drought. We have not respected the water and have used wastefully. Hopefully our new-founded respect will prove to mother nature that we are worthy once again.

    1. Yeah, I read about the drought you have, and when I last visited my sister (in California), water seemed plentiful. It is amazing though, how we waste what we have

  2. You were really flowing, no pun intended….I like this! You are right about that! I never thought of this before I like it a lot!

    “We are one, you and I.
    Respect me, and I shall respect you. Forsake me, and I shall forsake you. Find your true self in me, and I shall find my true self in you.”

    Great writing and the photo is wonderful as well! 😀

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