5-5-5 Challenge: Day 4 . Behind The Locked Door

Behind The Locked Door
Behind The Locked Door

A closed mind lies behind that locked door. A group of us pushed that mind into that closed room, slammed the door shut and locked it.

The events of those times are mostly forgotten by people of today. They took place over one thousand years ago. It was an epic struggle of mind against mind, of minds against minds.

The closed mind was insidious. It sat there in one spot, not moving, not reaching out. Yet, it’s influence was wide. None of us knew how this happened, but it infected other minds around it. It looked at happy, inventive, cheerful minds and infected them with it’s poison.

What was the poison, the disease, that it spread? It spread the disease of pessimism, close-mindedness, ultra-conservatism and outmoded beliefs. It cloaked them in the garb of morality and it preached its sermons on high pulpits.


It was very difficult to escape it’s influence. Very hard. Many minds were infected and diseased, and then a few of us decided that enough was enough.

A battle followed, a huge battle in which many great minds were lost. Yet, these minds did not worry about the sacrifice that they were making. They felt that this was something that was required to ensure that future minds were protected and safe.

Finally, the battle was won. This mind was locked in a cage, in a gilded box and pushed into the room where there was no window, no ventilation. Then, we locked the door, and fitted one more lock – and then a third. We could not be too careful.

A thousand years have passed. We dare not open the locks, even though we sense that the insidious influence is somehow returning.

The disease is spreading, and we know that the only solution is to destroy this mind. Destroy it at it’s root, and then hopefully the spread of the disease will stop.

Yet, we ask ourselves, as we approach the locks now covered with dust and cobwebs – do we dare to open the locks?


For the next one, I have decided to nominate the hugely talented Michelle Marie, to carry the baton forward.


  1. Rajiv. This is really good. You should keep a folder on your laptop of all the pieces you write about this subject so you can fill in the gaps later and publish a book. 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa
      Thanks! I actually do have that idea for The Shah Of Blah, The Journey To Hell, and Walking With An Old friend!

      These, which I wrote, were actually single pieces, with no larger aim in mind. But, maybe, they will all fit in somewhere

      1. Oh good! So, I’m just being an annoying little sister. “Write books big brother!!” :p

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