5-5-5 Challenge: Day Three. Miao

The Cat
The Cat


I sit here in the alleyway, waiting for you. You walk, I crouch. You don’t see me, you don’t see me, you don’t see meeee…

Suddenly, I dart. I cross your path, and I sit and wait. I yawn and watch your silly eyes widen in horror. What are you thinking, you stupid human being?

That I, a mere black cat, by crossing your path, will bring you bad luck? I am a cat… Not an evil spirit, even though you silly twerps think I am.

So, I sit here, watching those eyes of yours looking like mini saucers. You wobble, you totter on your feet, you pause. I see the hesitation. You wait for someone else to pass, so that the bad luck is passed on to them.

You, my friend, have just come from a temple, and have prayed to the Gods, for peace on earth, and then you want to wait for someone to cross the path, so that the bad luck is passed on to them.

Interesting train of events, if you think about it…

God will forgive you, I am sure. You will go and pray again. You will cross yourself at the Church. You will read the namaaz and do whatever the Jews and Buddhists do. You will pray.

But, you will continue to pass on the bad luck, and you will fear me when I cross your path.

I yawn. I stretch my back, and gently walk across your path again.



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