Friday – Before After Challenge – Here Comes The Sun


Now, I hope that I have got this one right this time

This picture above is the original image, taken with my Nikon Coolpix. I did some colour adjustments in Lightroom and that is all.

The one I chose below (and, I forgot to take screen shots) is the one I did for Stacy Fischer‘s Before-After challenge

I created a copy of the background, chose a Topaz BW Effects filter, added a gold filter, changed the paper hue, added the effect of a 25ISO film, and took it to Photoshop.

There, I adjusted the curves, then I adjusted the vibrance, the hSL sliders on the yellow channel, adjusted the colour balance, and adjusted the sliders on the HSL layer again!

What you have, is what is below! It looks a bit different



  1. dont know the ABCD of photography It is all Greek and Latin to me but I liked the B/W, the original looks somewhat dull and lacks the lusture/sheen. 😊

    1. The light vignette, you mean? Yeah. I was not sure about that. I wanted to centre on the bud..
      Maybe, I will experiment a bit more.
      Thanks a lot for the feedback.. I appreciate this a lot

  2. Hi, Rajiv! Phew, so glad our timetables finally came together this week 😀 I read Ben’s comment about the light vignette – I personally happen to like it as the background really doesn’t hold anything of importance to the photo. To my eye, it’s a lovely effect, especially with how you chose to process the photo. I have a few Topaz programs but seem never to have the time to delve into them, so I end up sticking with Nik Efex. I’ll have to break out of my rut someday soon and give them a whirl.

    Thanks so much for participating in the Forum (and for your patience as we worked through the timetable!) Fingers crossed that we will see you again … and again … and again … 😀

    1. Thanks. I did not mind the vignette, but was not sure. I felt that blurring the background (which Ben had suggested) would have been more distracting. I experimented with a dark vignette, but that jarred with the colour scheme of the flower bud after I processed it..
      So, I went with the light one !

    2. Oh, you’ll see me again on the forum…
      I may process my June one well in advance, as there is a chance that I will be travelling on the 3rd Friday

      1. Rajiv, I’m assuming you mean July 🙂 And just a heads-up, because there are five Fridays in July (and because I will be traveling the third week too), the next regular ABFriday post will be on Friday, July 24th. I’ve updated the calendar and the Forum page to reflect the change.

      2. You are correct. That is what I meant.. July.

        As of now, I am going on a road trip between the 16th and 23rd, so I shall send something before then, and try and schedule the post for that Friday

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