Changing Directions…. Yet Again…. I Must Truly Be Crazy

Of late, I have started to become bored with the way I process my photographs, and collate them. Or, curate them, if that is a better expression.

Also, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the writing aspect of the blog. So, I am think aloud as I write the next few lines.

Let’s start with the processing. As of now, I have been processing my photographs, as part of the places I visit. It has, once again, become sequential and linear along the chronological axis of life. I fell into this trap twice earlier, and set up web-sites accordingly and took them down. I have been falling into the quicksand of stupidity one more time but luckily, one hand is still out of the quicksand, as is my nose. So now, I figure, I shall process them more thematically. I may leave some chronological stuff for FB. 

I did do my mind-maps and have come up with an initial list of areas. If I survive this new wave of ideating, then I think i shall emerge a better photographer. Shall also explore some documentary and “fine-artish” styles of photography.

This also means that I shall spend more time on 500px and FineArt America. I experimented with Behance and Flickr as well, but then I discovered that the social media world has a way of drowing you if you are not careful. So, out go Flickr and Behance for now. Apart from the social media world, I want to retain my grip on the real world.  Important, ja?

Now, comes the writing. I met an old friend in Bombay ( I have never heard of Mumbai) last week, and he said he enjoyed my photographs more than my writing. Not surprising. It reflects a little bit of what’s happening to me.

It coincided with some of my own thinking on how I want to present myself along the world of writing and photography, and my social media presence. 

Accordingly, I will disconnect my blog from LinkedIn. I shall post the odd photograph on Linked In. However, there I shall write on management, and some social and environmental issues. Not in the pedantic style of a management magazine, but in my own bizarre way.

On WP, maybe, I shall focus on some darker writing (Thus Spake Loki), some whimsical stuff (the camera and chai), some doggerel and lots of my philosphical views on photography. And, in the next few months, when I am ready, The Shah Of Blah will be resussicated. 

Call me crazy if you will… But, the “long and winding road” can take you along paths untrodden and unforseen.


  1. “Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” — Unknown The Shah Of Blah, lol, so when will we get to read your next post?

  2. Not crazy at all, in my humble opinion. I personally enjoy the variety (in topics you choose to write about, including your thoughts on the business culture) and your wonderful photographs. But I also understand it’s best to go about in the way that makes you feel happy. And yes, we need balance of real life (face-to-face communication) and internet. I’ve heard many nice things about 500px and YouPic.

  3. Trust your instincts Rajiv. Your photography is exquisite and your writing is superb. Remembering of course that the ‘picture is worth a thousand words’. Or something like that. Personally, I don’t “social media” anything. Not FB or Tweeter or Instagram or none of it. The “social hysteria” is utterly without merit or substance and that is my opinion only.

  4. I must respectfully dissent from your Bombay /Mumbai friend and say that I particularly like your philosophical musings on things other than photography – perhaps it’s that your writing style evokes fond memories of my month in India back in 2005 or perhaps it’s your voice of reason in the chaos of the Web, especially as pertains to the mixed craziness and wonderful that I remember India being. I hope you continue to share your thoughts on your country and the world at large.

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