One Four Challenge. June Week Two, The Eagle

The Eagle. Week 2
The Eagle. Week 2

Call this the Topaz month, if you will. For this week, and for the next three, I started by cloning out the hand in the photograph.

I then converted the background to a smart filter, and used the Topaz Impressions Filter. I used one of the “Ancient” presets. I changed the colours a bit, and shaded out the colour in the right upper hand corner of the photograph.

Then, in PS, I added back some contrast using the curves. I also darkened/enhanced the cyan and green channels in the HSL layers.

No noise reduction or sharpening. I felt that this would have been a complete mess.

Once again, thanks to the artists of Delhi Street Art for the original.


  1. Love it Rajiv and all that you’ve achieved with this process. Viewing it on the ipad screen, the artwork / eagle appears to have quite a menacing feel. It also reveals the texture on the wall. Fantastic!!

  2. Hi Rajiv,

    Passing by, I got arrested by your great site.

    I found the steps employed by you fascinating. Clearly you are an individual who has gained the ability to open one’s mind and envision possibilities……


  3. I like what you did with this week’s edit. Topaz Impression is a great place to fire up inspiration then make the image uniquely your own. Great job!

    1. Thanks very much. I use Topaz filters sparingly. Too much and, it can look completely whacky.

      I popped by at your blog. Your work is fantastic

      1. I agree about the wacky! Just a touch here and there :-). Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging words.

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