Monochrome Madness – Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

I am heading off for a few days, so I thought I would bung this one in early.

This was taken using 100 ISO film

The buildings were straightened using the transform tool in Photoshop, which is a really neat tool

Practically no editing was done to this photograph


  1. This is so cool! I visited Hong Kong only once a few years ago for a business trip. Unfortunately, I was inside an office all day, and didn’t have an opportunity to view more of this amazing island.

    1. You should go again. Once you get onto the streets and back-alleys of Hong Kong, it is quite fascinating. Kind of reminds me of the few times I visited Tokyo, and went off to the non-touristy places.

      Talking of Tokyo brings back happy memories of the fantastic food you eat in Japan

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