The Magic Frame – The End In Mind



As I develop along the path of my photographic journey ( I hope ), I find myself transforming my approach to taking a photograph.

There are many times when I simply go out and record a scene, and this is fine. More often than not, I sometimes look at a scene, and the end result starts to develop somewhere in the nether regions of my mind. I don’t always journalise this, and this is probably not smart of me. However, I tend to remember every photograph as well as the conditions in which they were taken. More often than not, I even remember my frame of mind at the time of the shoot.

This afternoon, I was at someone’s home. My daughter had gone for a workshop on papier-mache, and this was being run for underprivileged children. As I sat there, I noticed the light forming shadows on the wall. The fruit was hanging down, and when I shot, I imagined the picture in black & white. If I was shooting in film, I would have used ISO 50 film (except that you don’t get it in India).

I processed both the colour and black & white versions with a deep contrasty look, to mimic what I had in mind. Both are not bad, but the B&W version tends to bring out more of what I had in mind.

I used a Nikon Coopix S9500 for this picture.

Lemon On The Wall
Lemon On The Wall

So, that is the colour version.

And, the black & white version is below.

Pick one, if you will.

Lemon On The Wall
Lemon On The Wal



  1. The color version is pretty and calming ,but the black and white is very artistic. I wanted to say color at first glance, but they are each stand alone pieces. I can see the vision of the black and white.

    1. Thanks. In a way, yes. They do stand alone. It’s only when you put them together, that the comparison – if at all – comes forth

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