The Journey To Hell -10

The black sun rose in a colourless skyPuss awoke, and she started to cry;

Lucifer gazed, with what she thought was a sneer,

And merely asked, “Why do you cry, my dear?”

” The sun is black, my body feels slack,

My mind is too tired to counter attack.”
“Puss”, said Lucifer, “Let’s explore hate,

Think about this, at Hell’s Gate.

What is the origin of hate? 

Is it linked to desire, is it linked to love?

Think deep about this, my pretty little Dove.” 
“Why do you love, and why do you hate?

  Of what do you think at Heaven’s Gate?

  Do you hate the evil, the beggars, the damned?

  Or do you feel pity for those in my land? 

  Why do you love God, and hate those who don’t?

  Why hold these two emotions in your pretty hand?”
“Do you love God for himself, or for the reward,

Of the promise of happiness, bliss as his ward? 

Is the origin of this love just yourself? is it indeed

A measure of greed? 

What turns love to hate? What fans the flames of desire?


    1. Thanks… I am not sure if Buddhism will give an old agnostic like me the answers… Let’s see how th ejourney into Hell progresses

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