Monochrome Madness – Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow: Norbulingka
Gentle Flow: Norbulingka

I tossed around several images for this challenge before I chose this one. I shot this with my D200, using a 50 mm lens.

Then, I experimented with several looks and styles before finally settling on this one, using a Cerulean filter in Topaz Filters B/W effects.

The photograph was taken at the Norbulingka Tibetan Arts and Crafts Museum in Dharamshala.


  1. Magic. Ok, where is the story about it? The picture…and the words.
    Little water fairies….some of dreams, whises, something about expectation and hope.
    Gentle water….but one of the most powerful element, isn t it?
    I want to read your story, if possible…

    1. Strange that you should ask this question. And, strange in a way, that you should write in a comment right now.

      Not strange in a bad sense, but from the perspective of coincidences. I plan to shoot the old baolis (stepwells) of Delhi and to find information on the old water systems. I just wrote – in fountain pen – my ‘artist’s statement’ about why I want to do this.

      I also did a writing exercise with the word ‘ghost’ in it. And, for some reason, I used this as a simile for aloneness and loneliness.

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