My Camera & My Chai – I Dare You, You Blighters!

My Camera And My Chai
My Camera And My Chai


The heat has hit us. It is not yet as bad as it was last year in Delhi, but it is hot. It is 44.5 degrees Celsius in Delhi. It did hit 47 in other cities, but we have been spared those extra few degrees this year.

Now, look below:

CarPark-2The above picture, and the one below, is one of the car park in one of the markets where I had gone yesterday. I had an hour, because a meeting got cancelled, and decided to go for a lemonade


I dare any of you to be able to park your cars in this mess. I did manage. Ha! to you!! We wiggle in and wiggle out, desperately hoping no one will scratch your car, or that some idiot is not zipping behind.

If you can’t find your slot – a slot – then, you simply park your car somewhere, hail the parking attendant, and give him your car keys. They then find a way to park your car. They wiggle in and out, park your car in front of someone else’s and life carries on. If the chap who’s car you have been parked in front of, appears,then the attendant simply moves your car away, since he has your key. Life carries on.


They don’t steal anything that is in the car, and this is the super thing of the system. If you enlarge the picture above, you will see that the chap on the right is holding a wire, with lots of keys. These are the keys of all the cars that he is parking for various people.

He does this job in the heat.

He does this job in the rain.

He does this job in the cold.

He does this job when the hot summer wind blows dust into his eyes.

At the end, you pay him 33 US cents, and find your merry way along the road. Of course, in some places, it can get more expensive. A full day’s charge in Connaught Place can put you back by 2 USD…..

I dare you to park here….

Oh, from the view point of sustainability and climate control (those wonderful buzz words), you have to idle your car a lot. Not good, eh? Vehicular pollution increases….


  1. You made me smile with this today. I can’t even imagine being the guy with the keys. I lose my ONE key in my tiny purse! Lol But I’ll take the dare. I can park anywhere. 😛

    1. Thanks… I took that shot last year, in Rishikesh.. Was sitting under a tree by the banks of the Ganges, sipping tea.. Life can be good

  2. One day, many adventures! Well told—it brings together not only a number of aspects of your own day but of those around you, and that’s what makes any of our lives and stories richer.

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