Happiness Is Not Grand

I have taken this title, and the quote from Aldous Huxley’s book, “Brave New World”, and I thought, “Hmm, there is truth in this”.

And then, thanks to WordPress, I rediscovered a marvellous singer / comedian called Ken Dodd. One of his songs, called “Happiness” had a major influence on me as a child, and I would even say that it has probably played on my subconscious/ unconscious mind, and has probably played a larger role in my developing a somewhat mystical regard and love for nature than I would have earlier cared to admit. Call me a pagan if you will, but the only two Gods that I do ever consider following are Shiva and Pan.

Anyhow, read some of the lines from his song, “Happiness”, and then watch the You Tube video before you go on:

“Happiness to me is an ocean tide

A sunset fading on a mountain side

A big, old heaven filled with stars above…’

Very simple, if you think of it.

Yet, why does the line, “Happiness Is Not Grand” resonate so much? When I look at much of my writing, there tends to be a negative slant to it.

Read the papers. Do you read articles of optimism?

Look at political spendings. We spend more on weapons, than we do on nutrition and research. Then, we do tai qi, yoga or whatever crap to gain mystical enlightenment. Or, we dunk our heads in the waters of the Ganga.

Look at cartoons. Would we watch “Tom and Jerry” if one of them wasn’t always blowing the other one up?

And then, we have a powerful song from Ken Dodd, that to me, teaches more than millions of scriptures.

I don’t have answers. Yet, if each of us vows to change our thought process (slowly! I love a rant as much as the other one!), and to find something positive every day, maybe we could make the world a better place. I know this sounds simplistic, yet who knows?

This is one thing that I did vow to do in my photography – to try and change the slant from glorifying misery and feeling good about it – to possibly trying to find beauty.


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