I don’t usually vent but…. For Shame, Mr Prime Minister

I don’t usually vent, but I am pissed as hell.

This morning, I read that our blessed Government, in it’s abysmally stupid wisdom, decided to withdraw Delhi’s bid to be included as a UNESCO World Heritage City.

Delhi, apart from Cairo and Rome, has the largest number of historical monuments in the world.

However, we also have a burgeoning population, filled with greedy builders and squatters. The squatters need to go somewhere, and the builders need to make money for themselves and the politicians

For Delhi to be a World Heritage City, UNESCO places demands on the city’s infrastructure, and insists that the heritage sites be protected.

However, we cannot allow this. We must destroy our history says the government, all in the name of short term profit.

Screw the city runs the chant.

Long live our purses, runs the refrain.

We don’t need heritage, we don’t need a clean environment, we don’t need discipline, or pride.

As long as our political purses are filled, who gives a damn?

For Shame, Mr Prime Minister, for shame.


  1. Very well said Rajiv. If Delhi isn’t a world heritage city, I could not tell you what city might be. Hasn’t Delhi been a city for like thousands of years?

    1. Delhi has seen settlement for 3,000 years. However, historians believe that it was founded officially, in 736 AD.

      It is made up of seven or eight historical cities, depending on whether you include Lutyens Delhi in the count.

      I find our government baffling

  2. I have no connection with India aside from a recurrent traveller’s love, but this makes me angry too! It’s so reminiscent of the choices that my own government continues to make. Politics and social priorities now are so very very financially focused >< how can we forget about our past? Our real future? How can we forget that we are human?

    1. Yeah.. I came across a marvellous quote today – “when the last tree has been cut, when the last animal has been killed, and the last fish eaten, will mankind realise that you cannot eat money”

    1. I have never been to Serbia and I want to, but I believe that you all do a better job than we do, of protecting your heritage

  3. How stupid!!!!! Well that’s politicians in India, and everywhere else for that matter, for you… Thinking with their wallets in mind, not the good of everyone…

  4. Yeah, i have my own issues with your prime minister……

    Ok, so here’s what you do. imo, which is American through and through. architects+academia+bollywood wins it. start with a little sign, and a couple of friends. call a press conference at your favorite site, make sure the press comes, and #RantOn like u did here. Then start making appointments with anyone who will meet with you ….. Nah, actually, you probably won’t have to do anything, those that know are probably ranting on just like you already. Do help one another amplify your common voice. If you have the ability to address any body of government, take it and use it. Be noisy, really noisy, you’ll get it your way.

    1. This is what I am trying to do. I even sent a mail to our PM, saying, “For Shame”.
      I also want to write to him about his comments on marital rape.
      He is still the best we have in India, which is a sad commentary on our leadership

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