The Magic Frame: Osho. Pink Floyd. Death. Creativity




How many of you remember that brilliant song called “Time” by Pink Floyd? And, how many of you remember that line that goes, “And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you/ No one told you when to run/ You missed the starting gun..”

I pondered that line through my teenage years, and then one day, when I was looking, ten years did get behind me, and then another ten years got behind me.

Then, I listened to that tape by Osho on Death, and while it did get to me, I don’t remember a damn thing he said.

However, notwithstanding the photographic/creative journey we embark on; notwithstanding the gradual maturing of our creative juices (inshahallah), there comes a point in your life, when you are suddenly faced with your own mortality.

At that point (and, I have) maybe we ask ourselves that inevitable, dreaded question – have I produced any work of real quality? If not, then what do I do? What next?

Maybe this is the time we ask the question – have we been true to ourselves as creative people? Have we allowed ourselves to evolve?

If I may quote another example from the world of music. Jethro Tull was one of my favourite bands, and they produced some marvellous music right until the album called “Stormwatch” Then came “A”, and thereafter, the steady downhill journey. Many of us felt that Ian Anderson had started to sell out, as it were, and some of the music that he composed was too damn clever and tricky, but had lost it’s soul.

When Death starts to stare at us in the face, and starts to peep at us over the horizon of our time on earth, what questions do we ask ourselves?

Do we let Death hurry us along to produce works of mediocrity? O

Or do we look Death in the eye, and say, “Hello old friend. I see you peeping at me. But, before we meet, I have some good work to do.” ?




  1. The song that I feel most is Jefferson Airplane’s “Lather” with it’s theme about turning thirty. It started having a little extra meaning for me just before my thirtieth and that was quite a while ago.

    1. I have not heard that song, and i must check it out. I am glad that you referred to Jefferson Airplane and not Jefferson Starship..

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