One Four Challenge – May: Week of “One At The Waterfall”

Okayyyyy… This time I am going to have some HDR fun..

This is what I generated, using Nik’s HDR programme… One capture

At The Waterfall. Nik
At The Waterfall. Nik


And, the original is below

At The Waterfall
At The Waterfall


  1. It definitely has the nik soft feel just like photomatix has a certain feel. In saying that I actually like the original because it is less contrasty. I look forward to see what you do over the coming weeks.

  2. Okay this is gorgeous Rajiv – what a beautiful capture and place.
    The HDR totally works for me. Makes it seem like I could walk into the picture!

    1. Thanks! I have gone through my phase where I experimented with HDR and other filters, and I used to go really over the top. Now, I do that only when I have a specific purpose. While I am guilty of over saturation at times, in general, I try and keep it as subtle as possible

  3. Hello, there! Some simple remarks from Lay-man First class(!): The picture in the ‘Reader’ is slightly smaller, and in that, the Water looks like a Jewel, and very Beautiful.

    Upon going to the site, I liked the ‘approach’ to the water. Very nice.

    In Your ‘Nik,’ the Water looks, er, Jewel like!

    In the last one, the water looks a shade of green that I like very much! Also, in this, the ripples in the water have almost disappeared!


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