Thus Spake Loki: On “Coming Home”…


Okay, I decided to bring my alter ego into this blog.. So, you may read some dark stuff from time to time. This time around, Loki’s speech will not be that dark. Yet, it does concern some  of the darker aspects of human belief.

Religion. It is a fascinating subject, but it has a dark side to it.

These days, the force behind India’s ruling party – called the RSS – has started a campaign called “Ghar Waapsi”, or “Coming Back Home”

This campaign ostensibly focusses on converting Muslims and Christians to Hinduism. It appears that, over the centuries, the Christians and Muslims forcibly converted Hindus to their respective religions.

The conquests, while they did have a religious slant, were conquests for money, power, territory. In some cases, they were trying to escape marauders in their own countries. Genghis Khan was creating crap in Turkey around the time that the Turks invaded India in about 1175, and created the Delhi Sultanate in 1206.

Many Hindus were converted.

When the British sneaked into India, they adopted Indian customs and lifestyles. It seems that the advent of Christian missionaries into India in the 1800’s started a wave of conversion of Hindus to Christianity.

Yet, historians also do aver that many Hindus did convert for reasons of political expediency.

Many more – and read this very carefully – converted due to the discrimination that they faced from other Hindus due to the prevalence of the caste system. They faced discrimination and cruelty at home, so they chose to leave. I am not an expert here, but I do believe that some of these caste behaviours were carried into their new religions, but to a very mild extent.

So, when the RSS wants to invite people home, a question to be asked is – to what home do they return to? A home of discrimination? In what caste will they be placed? I doubt that they will be placed in the upper caste – the Brahmins. That would be sacrilege!

Where would they go? To what home would they return? Do they want to “return home”, after centuries of being “lost to another religion”?

Does religion bring us together, or does it take us apart?

What say thee, Loki?


  1. I think religion as such should usually bring us together, though the political intentions and power aspirations behind it force us apart.

  2. Religion should in theory bring humanity closer together but, religion in practice becomes murderously intolerant. Cliquey tribalism?

  3. if you study religion from ancient times to now you have a clear logical evolution from animism to antromorphism everything is made by man for animals there are no god religion was the first form of school religion told you what was wrong and what right the only acceptable religion is just an educational way but with schools and university i think his meaning was gone. Religion devided people like any single choice as you know i think we ca be everything because we are everithing a single point of view is castrating the totally of life the only importance of religion is in antropology to understand human and the origin but religion is not the truth the truth is respect for life in his totaly

    1. There is no justification. We talk a lot about the traditions of Indian culture. The way that people behave, I wonder what culture we are talking about

      1. Same everywhere, though. I was just thinking, though, the timing of Turkish invasion and other things that happened, dynamic time, like now; in the history of calendar/time synchronizing that the Church established. Still rabbit hunting.

  4. The battle of thousands and thousands of years of the evils of money and power will probably always continue. Sometimes it’s in the name of religion and sometimes in the name of world politics. Personally, regarding religion, I think that labels cause problems though, so I prefer to think of matters of God and the universe as spirituality. In my opinion we are all just one anyway with different physical shells.

    1. True.. I sometimes think of myself as atheist, and sometimes as a pagan. In my view, if there is a God, then that spirituality lies in us, in nature..

  5. Very Well written, my Dear Rajiv! Once again, Kudos are due. Your question, as to “what home would they return to,” is telling.

    As for ‘returning home,’ for me, Our conversion to Christianity hidden in forgotten pasts, is not even a question.

    But Religion, still seems to befuse us. I do hope You had gone through my ‘’ AND its sequels.

    With Regards, Yesudas.

    1. I did indeed go through your posts. Religion is a strange animal. We all say, ‘There is one God”, but we say that my God is the one God

      1. What people say about their ‘god’ being the one God does not affect the question of Religion!

        The ‘concept’ of religion has been and is being misused, for private gains. But that does not affect religion.

        In Unarmed Combat, one can Kill with a page of paper.

        So it is not Religion, but the one who misuses it is at fault. 🙂 Regards.

  6. I do not believe at any religion at all. but I do believe in God. There is no necessary named. We are in God, and God is in all of us…in everything. Everywhere. Whole cosmos. And beyond. And, yes, my religion is Love.

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