The Dispatches Of Hira Singh – Part Five

Fear comes and goes, but a man’s love stays with him…… Eastern Proverb

I have to say that this one does make me think a bit. What makes us move? What drives us?

Is it fear that drives us, or ambition, or hate?

This is one of the questions that, I would like to believe, has bedevilled us through the ages. I do read a bit of Indian history, and while I may quote from this, I think that some of the lessons extend beyond the borders of my land. At this point, I am reading about a turbulent period of Indian history. This is the period from 1206 to 1526. This is the period of the Delhi Sultanate, which saw the rise and fall of five dynasties. Each of these five dynasties had some great rulers who have not been sufficiently appreciated by Indian historians. These five dynasties had their share of weak, imbecilic rulers. The dynasties, in order of succession, were The Slave Dynasty, The Khilji Dynasty, The Tughlaq Dynasty, The Sayyid Dynasty and The Lodi Dynasty,

Succession was a problem. Life was brutal, and so were the kings. There are tales of people being blinded by having their eyes gouged out with a razor. There is a tale of a prince/ king who was flayed alive, and his skin was cooked in rice and this was served to his family.

Much of this was done in the quest for power. I am sure that the kings lived in some sort of fear all the time. Power, and a display of ruthlessness kept them in power.

Did love stay with them? What sort of live did they have? Various kings of that time (Muhammed Tughlaq, Timur The Lame) were considered to be learned men, and yet were ruthless in their quest for power?

What drove them? Was it love, or was it the lust for power? Did they love the sight of people being tortured and killed? Did they did it for the love of money?

Did they hate the infidel, and love people of their own religion?

And yet, here is a quote from a Persian Poet called Saadi

“If a holy man eats half his loaf

he will give the other half to a beggar

But if a king conquers all the world

he will still seek another world to conquer”

The wise man is not driven by fear of hunger. We all have to die one day, yet it would seem that his love for the hungry man is greater than his desire to eat.

A king (not all kings!) is driven by ambition, by lust, and seeks greater and more worlds to conquer.

Replace the word ‘king’ with ‘politician’ or ‘global corporate captain’. How many seek limits to growth, new territories? Do we put limits to growth on ourselves?

What drives you?






  1. My Dear Ravi, I remember reading One of Your posts under this title, and had found it quite interesting. Suddenly I seem to get number 5 now! Could not succeed in finding the others. Would You please be so kind as to give me references to the previous ones? Would like to read them in sequence. Waiting for that. Regards.

      1. My Dear Rajiv, did find the connection to the series, under Hira Singh. GREAT SERIES! Kudos!

        Went through 3 of them too, and wrote the comments on Your latest, as not able to post comments on other posts. (They do not have the https).

        But shall have to write them again, as I did not save them. Working at it! Regards.

  2. My Dear Rajiv, as with All Your writings, this series on HIra Singh too is Both Interesting and Good. Congratulations.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, am not able to post my comments on the Individual posts as they are not opening in https pages.

    Here are the things that Impress me in Your various posts of the series:

    0. “We often forget these very values that we expect them to maintain.” Truly Well said.

    1. “We must each be straight, and give a straight answer.”

    2. I believe that ‘the ruler and the ruled are one’ in that they both get just 6 feet of ground! And, by the way, I am ready to be ‘led,’ and Never ‘ruled!’

    3. “What distinguishes us, is our motive. Are our motives clean? Or, not.” Good words.

    4. Treason or not, I believe that ‘those who know not the false from true” are called ‘judges’ today. Nobody will argue that they do not know the ‘law,’ of course.

    As for the question: ‘What is Truth?’ this was asked by Pilate, according to the Bible, and Not by Jesus. (John 18:38). And if the quote in Your article is from the book/movie/musical, I would say that it is TOO much liberty that writers and producers take to put words into Opposite mouths.

    5. As a Good ‘Driver’ of the self, Nothing can beat Love. Love alone can keep on moving Us, yet it will not consume Us, but rather, it makes Us Grow. All others take their toll.

    Keep Up Your Good work! Kudos and Regards. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for the comments…yes, it was probably Pilate who asked that question, and a very good question it is

      1. There can be no question that it was Pilate asked that, for two reasons. 1. The Biblical narrative itself. 2. Jesus was a Guru. He was not going to ‘discuss’ metaphysical issues with a ‘politician.’

      2. Of course. It is also Elementary. It is like some funny fellow saying that Arjun gave all those words of the Gita to Krishna! …Unacceptable.

      3. Yes, but Arjun inspired Krishna. My version – Arjun was standing like a wimp at the battlefield, and this irritated Krishna no end.

        So, out came the Gita!

      4. Different points, Rajiv! What You say about Arjun and Krishna is absolutely right. But Pilate did not inspire Christ to start thinking about Truth. Pilate merely expressed his perplexity. He did not have the intention of learning the Truth. Nor was he worthy of it.

  3. A little late with the comment …. one can only be in two states: a state of love or in fear. Each individual chooses for himself. At all times. In all areas.
    Unfortunately, most choosing fear. Hence aggression, wrong ambition …etc.

  4. I do not know whether they are sufficient … but there are only two! Out of fear arises a lot, but the basis is fear …. Being able to love means to have trust in God, in Existence.. God does not matter how we call it, and what of kind we have religion….

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