There are acronyms. And, there are acronyms….

We all love acronyms.

SMART goals


And, all that blah.

However, the champions are the Chinese and the Pakistanis. It seems that China and Pakistan have launched a think-tank with the acronym – “RANDI”.

Now, in the English, it is not a big step from RANDI to RANDY, and you know what that means!!

In the colloquial Hindi, RANDI pronounced a bit differently, means ‘prostitute’. Pakistanis know what this means!

It appears that the folks  on the chat rooms have been having a blast! 

Now, what were they thinking!?!?

I could not resist this short post!


    1. Oh, well, if you are from the corporate world, you will know

      SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, have specific Results, are Time bound

      BHAGS are Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals! I like BHAGs

      1. I have an acronym story. I worked for someone once wayyyy back when I was about 20. He left the office for a meeting and someone asked me where he went so I answered DAC went with MLB to the CPUC to talk about GRI, fyi, pdq. I thought I was rather funny by saying that so I repeated it all day long when someone asked where this person was. Finally the last person of the day (one that had a great sense of humor) asked where this person was again and I repeated the whole schpiel and said DAC went with MLB to the CPUC to talk about GRI, fyi PDQ. The guy stood there for a a moment, folded his arms and said BFD! hahahahahaha

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