For A Regular Indian Girl














A Regular Indian Girl asked me to post the colour version of a photo that I had published twice in B&W

Here it is, above.

For those who like to compare, the two black & white versions are added below…


Experimental - Nik
Experimental – Nik
















Experimental - Lightroom
Experimental – Lightroom



  1. Hi! Thanks for mentioning me! And I loved the color one very much! Perhaps I don’t understand B&W much. The green, blue, white and brown makes it look just perfect! I love the sky! 🙂

    Yes, have been away. Will be away for quite some time. Too much work. Will check in when I can! Take care.

  2. the B&W leaves more to the imagination. B&W is more interactive with the viewers eye I find. It leaves some story to read & doesn’t explain it all like colour.
    It is a realm unto it’s self.

    1. It is. I started in B&W – film – and, it is still my preferred medium. I find that when I do B&W film, I only focus on that. When I am shooting with B&W film, then digital distracts me

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