That Leadership Journey – What Do You Stand For?

A few days before Hillary Clinton announced her decision to stand for the post of President of the USA, The Economist ran an interesting cover on her.

They posited the question- what does Hillary Clinton really stand for?

So, my question to my American friends is – do you know what she really stands for?

Years back, when Obama was making his fine speeches about change, and happily receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, the one question that I kep asking was – what does he stand for?

Post the Nobel Peace Prize, he seems to have authorised more attacks than any previous President. Peaceful chap!

Back home, our ex-Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh must have asked himself the same question. He was, by all public accounts, the architect of India’s economic reforms in 1991. There are people who believe that he got the credit, but the real inspiration was the then Prime Minister- Narshima Rao. Mammohan Singh allowed himself to be bullied by the head of the Congress Party – Sonia Gandhi – for the ten years that he was Prime Minister. During this time, he presided over what must be the most corrupt government we have seen since we became an independent nation in 1947. 

What did he really stand for?

These days, we have Narender Modi. He was castigated for his allged role in Hindu-Muslim riots in 2002. He was denied a US Visa for many years. He did get one as soon as he became the Prime Minister. The US Government forgot (very quickly) their earlier objections to him. 

He came in on the back of his humble background, his talk of economic reforms, and the general disgust with the Congress. Since then, he has spoken a lot about revving up the Indian growth engine, cleaning India (the roads and the corrupt practices), wooed world leaders, and restated inflation figures to bump up GDP growth figures.

On the ground, women are still being raped. Rubbish is still being dumped on the streets. People drive the wrong way. The backing party (the RSS) has forced Sanskrit down the throats of school kids mid-term and cancelled their German classes. They have also been on a campaign to convert Christians (and Muslims) to Hinduism to make up for sins committed by these communities 400 years ago. They want to declare the cow to be the National Mother, only to allow her to eat plastic garbage on the streets. 

What does indeed Narender Modi stand for?

There are those who believe taht people get the leaders they deserve. If so, what do we stand for?

In these days of social media, these days where the rush that power brings to us makes us feel like Gods; it is quite possible that what these people really stand for is just a naked rush for power. 

I think that, at that level, it is not about doing what is right for the rest of the world. That is stuff that is meant for the media scribes. 

What they stand for, really, in my humble opinion, is lust.

Any thoughts on this?


  1. What the ruling elite stand for is personal enrichment. For themselves and all the people that share our suffering world can scratch. Scratch out a hardpan existence in obsequious obedience to the claims of lunatics.

  2. Hi my friend! Well all I know and try to do is make a difference in my small little sphere of this world. I realized when I started blogging just how small I am and my influence is certainly to on this level at all but what if something I do for someone else causes them to gift someone else, so on and so on and one by one we touch lives and makes a difference? I don’t know just a thought really! Hope you are doing well! I like the background on your blog! 😀 Hugs to ya!

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