Black Nib Writing

Black Nib Writing
Black Nib Writing

What you see above there is some of my scrawl, and my six fountain pens. I love fountain pens. They are sensuous. I actually want to buy more.

Anyhow, I do like to write and I do like the writing, not just to flow, but not to be constrained by topic. There are two, however, that I have not updated for a while. These are “The Shah Of Blah”, and “The Journey To Hell”. I realised that I may end up being repetitious and boring with both, and so I downloaded a programme called “Scrivener”. These two will first be written on Scrivener, and then will go onto the blog. It does not mean that they will become boring. They will just be organised a bit.

I think I may do something similar for “The Magic Frame”.

There is one genre of writing that I quite enjoy, but have never allowed myself to really give full reign to, and this is the genre of Dark Writing. This is what inspired the moniker “Black Nib Writing”. I did start a blog called LokiSpeakz, but have not updated it. For those curious, LokiSpeakz is the chap below.


You may even say that he is my alter ego. I have considered a tattoo of LokiSpeakz on my shoulder, and am tossing between him and Pan. My son objects strongly. Still, one day….

My darker stuff is generally confined to the older form of pen (fountain pen) on paper. This, I like.

My fantasy stuff is being edited. I don’t know how good it is. This is “The Saga of Percival: The Mrodic Wars”. Anyway, I had fun writing it, and intend to push this onto an unsuspecting public on Kindle.

Writing, like photography, has become an increasingly important form of expression for me, and I like to explore new territory as much as possible in both fields. This is one reason why this blog is not purely a writing blog, nor a photography blog. For me, they complement each other. They each form stories, but there are times when they add something extra, a little sparkle, to the story that each tells.

Of course, there are other issues that I write about – issues that concern me. These include issues like the environment, paganism, hunger, leadership, and general stupidity.

I shall write as long as it is fun, and as long as I am not turning into an old fart who cannot smell his own fart and assumes that it smells like perfume.

So there you have it, ladies and gents, a short view on what I call “Black Nib Writing”.


    1. I actually do like it. It helps me organise my thoughts. The part that I don’t like, is that i don’t know how to do a book filled with photographs

      1. A friend did a book with a lot of photos, but not in scrivener. She had to put words on one page and the photo on the next page.

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