Driving. India. BRTs in Delhi

BRT.  A Cartoon
BRT. A Cartoon

Some countries have institutions to protect animal rights. They believe that animals have as much right to this planet as we have. They do a lot to protect animals and their territories.

However, I have to say to all you snobbish people out there, that no country does as much for animal rights as we do in India.

We even share the city roads with them.

In Delhi, they tried an experiment to have a dedicated corridor for buses that they called the “BRT” or Bus Rapid Transport.

However, despite the one billion brilliant brains that we have in the country, traffic management is not own of our strengths.

We just don’t know how to go about this. After many years and millions of dollars of expenditure, after many years of drivers going into states of dementia (because they don’t know where to drive), they decided to give up the experiment.

We are a thrifty nation. Our new government in Delhi realised that it would cost a few million dollars to dismantle the structure. So, they did budget for this. However, they decided to save this budgeted expense and save the public’s money for themselves.

What did I say about the many brilliant minds we have.

They decided to retain the “BRT” moniker, and now it is just called “Buffalo Rapid Transit”, as has been so brilliantly captured by the cartoonist of the Times of India.

Do you care as much for your cows  and buffaloes as we do?

Will you be willing to share your city roads with them?

If your answer is yes, then you must be an Indian in disguise, or temperament.



    1. In India, if you bump into an animal, the villager will jump out of the bushes and clobber you..
      Do you have haunted places where you live?

    1. I had a car when I was in the NL… The GPS system would make a “moo” sound from time to time!
      In India, you would be honking all the time..

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