Monochrome Madness – Fenced In

Fenced In
Fenced In

I had posted this photo many months back, but had not put this up for Monochrome Madness. I decided to do so, when Leanne Cole asked us to work on the theme of “Fences”

There was the possibility of using an image of a physical fence, but I decided to use a more psychological interpretation.

The people of North Korea, from my perspective, must feel “fenced in” all the time. No where to go, no where to hide.

All that they can try and do, is to break the fences that keep them in.


  1. HOW have I missed all these??!! These are fantastic!! Well done!
    I also wanted to let you know that my blog has changed. I lost all my content and followers during a transfer. If you would still like to follow me, my new blog address is:

      1. Thank you! Well over the weekend I tried to hired a company to transfer my blog to an independent host– for more control, etc. Weeelllll– they did a HORRIBLE job and didn’t migrate my data properly and as a result lost my entire blog. I have my images backed up as well as my copy/text … but everything else, including everyone I follow and who follows me, is gone. Oh well. I’m trying to give it a go again… 🙂 Thank you for following me!

      2. Well, I am an engineer by education. I understand metallurgical stuff and corrosion and optics… But all the “tech” stuff of today goes over my head!

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