The Magic Frame: Experimental – Part One

Experimental - Lightroom
Experimental – Lightroom

I have not been posting much of late, and neither have I been writing much. I want to do two articles (nay, three) in the next ten days…

Anyway, normally, I process the RAW files in colour and convert to B&W using Nik or Topaz.

This time, for this picture, I decided to process it in B&W using Lightroom

Experiment Number Two will be up tomorrow, if I am alive..


  1. Fantastic Rajiv, true artistry. The perspective and play of light is dramatic. Do provide commentary on when and where the pics were taken. Hope you are well? Gauri

    1. Hi Gauri, all well. We should catch up for coffee next week..
      These were taken in Palampur, which is about an hour from Dharamshala. We drove from Dharamshala to Chamunda Devi Mandir to the Palampur Tea Estate. This river bed was en route. i climbed down and took this shot. Shall put up version 2 tomorrow

    1. This one? I developed in Lightroom as B&W, then applied a simple levels and curves treatment, plus a graduated filter..
      Yes, the background was converted to a smart object to lighten the deep shadows in the trees

    1. Hi Julie… I discovered Topaz much later in life.
      I have been following the following workflow.
      1. Process RAW files in Lightroom
      2. Process the converted TIFF files in Photoshop
      Lightroom is very good, but I have been experimenting with Capture One Phase 8 for processing RAW

      Topaz and Nik provide a bunch of plug-ins that allow you to reduce noise, sharpen, convert to B&W etc.
      Topaz has a much wider range of B&W effects in it’s B&W converter.
      Overall, I like Nik’s software more than Topaz. I have the suite of Topaz filters, but they can get gimmicky

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