One Four Challenge – Filtered Light

Filtered Light. Week 4
Filtered Light. Week 4


I have been late this week. The reason is that I have just returned from Dubai.

For this one, I processed the photo using Topaz B&W Effects. I applied one of the filters from the Van Dyke collection. The Van Dyke process is, it seems, one of the older processes that have been used in the good days of film.

I then applied a very slight Viveza effect to boost the colour. And, that was it…


    1. Well, I don’t know what you – or they – mean by bad. I never feel like photographing in Dubai, because I find it very artificial and concrete. However, you can go to the desert to photograph.

      90% of the population is expatriate and 10% is Arab. People who live there love the life and don’t want to leave. It is very clean, organised and safe. Expensive.

      However, the main control lies with the Arabs and the Sheikh. They respect him a lot, and so do the expats. They also never grant you citizenship. If you work there all your life, then once you retire (unless you have invested in property), you have to leave

  1. Hello Rajiv 😃 B&W effects does have some great settings. This one suits the image so well. The toning makes me feel like I can see right through the middle of the trees. A very nice, timeless edition!

      1. Im glad to hear that Raj! Have you posted them? I’m currently away for most of April, so behind in all of my reading.
        Look forward to seeing them too.. I hope 😜

      2. Well, since I have been in only two challenges, I thought that I would do two postings. So, the next one is for next week.

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