The Mathematics Of Driving In India

How many of you people out there remember school maths, where you were introduced to the wonderful world of the LCM.

The Lowest Common Multiple.

When you drive in India, you are confronted by some, or all, of the following. Sometimes at the same time:

  1. People driving the wrong way
  2. People driving slowly in the fast lane while talking on the phone
  3. People driving between lanes
  4. Cows, pigs and other assorted forms of the dinner menu
  5. Auto rickshaw drivers that weave in and out of the way of cars
  6. Chaps on two wheelers, who weave in and out of the way of auto rickshaw drivers
  7. Trucks and buses
  8. Tractors
  9. Speed breakers.
  10. Pot holes. I don’t know why we have speed breakers when we have pot-holes
  11. Police barriers. I don’t know why we have police barriers, when we have pot-holes and speed breakers. Plus, the police men just stand there and scratch their bums and other parts of the anatomy that shall not be mentioned in public.

So, what happens is that, despite your best efforts, you end up weaving in and out of the traffic.

You also end up blowing the horn, and adding to the general level of decibels that are produced in the world. It can be almost like a Death Metal concert at times. I don’t know why people pay for that stuff, when they can stand on the roads in India.

Now, when you drive in India, you are forced to weave in and out of the traffic. The traffic looks like a flow pattern.

The mathematician who comes up with an equation to describe it, will win The Nobel Prize.

And that, my friends, is how Indians invented the zero and the infinity symbols 😉


      1. Yes. I can so relate to the driving conditions in India. They speak of road rage here in the US and I think Indian drivers have somehow more patience than folks here.

      1. 😦 😦
        Have you tried to ‘un-follow’ and then ‘follow’ again? I usually update once a week (Wednesday) so it’s easy for my posts to get ‘lost’ in readers, I think…

    1. Oh no!! I have been to Greece, and it is very similar to India!
      But, they do piss on the streets…. And now, you have given me the inspiration for a new, whimsical post!

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