Monochrome Madness – The Undertaker’s Yard

The Undertaker's Yard
The Undertaker’s Yard

The one WWE Star that I have been a fan of, is The Undertaker. I especially liked his earlier ‘gimmicks’, which could be spooky.

Anyway, I am also slightly fascinated by death. I have often termed this as man’s last great adventure. A leap into the unknown.

This photo was taken at a graveyard. Several British people are buried here, at the Church called St John’s In The Wilderness. It is a beautiful place.

This photo was processed using the Topaz B&W Effects filter. The cross was ‘burnt’ in. I added a star at the cross. Just the one.

And, there you have it. Death from the yesteryears.



    1. First off, thanks!
      The WWE? Earlier called the WWF or, The World Wrestling Federation!
      By the way, whenever you read Saul David’s book on The Mutiny, you will notice that he quotes British sources and writings of the period. He does not quote Indian sources at all

      1. Oh I must’ve seen it incorrectly! I need to wear my glasses more often lol. No, I haven’t read that. I’ll look into it though, thank you!

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