1 in 4 Challenge: Week 2. Filtered Light


Filtered Light. Week 2
Filtered Light. Week 2


This is the second edit for this challenge. This particular image may look exactly the same as the previous week’s image, but it is not.

There is a very slight difference, and if you look at the upper left hand side of the photo, you will see glistening spots of light. There are a few such spots scattered through the picture.

I used the Topaz Star Effects Filter in this picture. I had to edit the picture several times before I got the effect that I liked. The problem with these filters is that, if you don’t use them carefully, then can look awful.

And so, I hope that my rendition does not fall into the awful category!


    1. Hi John, well thank you very much! I do feel a spiritual connection with such places. I am glad that something of that came through.

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