The Dispatches Of Hira Singh…. Part Four

Shall he who knows not false from true, judge treason?” – Eastern Proverb

This is an interesting one, and seems quite straightforward. In many ways, it is. Of course, philosophically, we can turn things on their head if we wish to, and it would be nice to get your views on this.

I am going to draw from Biblical lore, and a wee bit from what was once an obsure thought in nuclear/ particle physics. This was derived, I believe, from the fable of Schroduinger’s cat. Some phycists, or pseudo philosophers, postulated that there were many worlds in which the cat existed, and only when the box was open would you get an idea of which world it actually existed. Or, at least, it went in something of that nature. 

Now, some of you of the grey haired generation may well remember that rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar. During Christ’s trial, his discussion with Pilate went something like this, where Christ asked the following question:

“And what is truth? Is truth a changing law? And, what is truth? Is mine the same as yours?”

Note the cunning similarilty between the last question and The Many World’s Theory? In many ways, we all exist in our own world, bounded by our perception of events, and things we see. 

When Judas betrayed Jesus, he committed treason. While he may have regretted this, and eventually hanged himself, when he committed the act of betrayal, was he false or true or misguided? 

It is a generally well known fact that the division of India in to India, Pakistan and eventually Bangladesh were the result of the differing ambitions and perceptions of three men – Nehru, Jinnah and Gandhi. Not only did thousands die in orgies of violence, or were uprooted from their homes, but their actions also resulted, or deepened, the recent gap between Hindus and Muslims. For centuries, Hindus and Muslims had co-existed peacefully, until the ambitions of the Trinity further exaggerated the influence of the divide and rule policy of The British post 1857. 

Did these three men commit treason against the people they proclaimed to serve? 

What exactly is treason? When someone betrays a leader? Or, cause? 

Is a deliberate act of betrayal sufficient to classify such an act as treason? Or, ‘involuntary actions” caused by blind hate or naked ambition?

What say ye?


      1. Now that, is a good question.. I was once writing a fantasy blog, which disappeared. Luckily, I remembered what I wrote. I rewrote it as an e-book. Am editing it now. Then, I want to get the cover designed and publish it on Kindle.
        I don’t know if my earlier blog was hacked

      1. Judas was disillusioned. He refused to believe that Jesus’ love was true. I did an in depth study on the gospels. It really came down to greed. He just didn’t want to share with the people. Time and again Judas tried to sabotage the money. So sad.

  1. Yes I think so an act of treason. It was hardly worth the 3o pieces of silver he received for the information he turned over.
    In Act 1:18 says…..Now this [Judas] man purchased a field with the reward of iniquity; and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out.
    I do believe he paid for his betrayal don’t you? Have your bowels burst is an unbelievable way to die. Yikes like being gutted like a deer. Sorry but my Pa was a hunter so I do know what that is.
    Interesting post Rajiv! 😀

      1. OH yes very misguided.
        I think sometimes I have been misguided. It is so easy to get over on the dark side and stay there! I try to avoid it and learn from my mistakes. I think in J’s case he jumped off into the pit and it did him in!

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