Cee’s B&W Challenge: Things Found In The Kitchen



I thought that this would be a fun challenge. So, I took some traditional Indian cookware outside, and photographed them using an f stop of 5, creating a shallow depth of field.

I had changed my camera settings to shoot in B&W for a change. All I did was to apply a Topax B&W filter to create an underexposed effect, and heightened the contrast with curves.

Then, I increased the brightness just a wee bit, and added my name at the bottom..

This one gives me some ideas!


      1. Yeah, I am tossing between this, and old machinery used for things like sugar cane juice.

        I just finished street photo one in the Walled City of Delhi. Shall process this in the next two months. Am considering shooting the same area, over the space of the next year, only in B&W. What do you think? That would be both – film and using the B&W mode of my digital camera

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