What Did We Do To Deserve These Men??

The Men
The Men


For those of you who read this post, I have a task for you.

First, look at the picture of the men in the top picture. Look at them enjoying their picnic snack,eating out of their little plates.

Step Two: Now, look at the picture of the water cascading down the rocks. Some of you may say, ‘hey, that ain’t half bad’. But, don’t stop there.

Enlarge the picture.

Look at the picture very, very carefully. What else do you see, apart from the water, the rocks and the plants?

Step Three: Then, look at the men again. Look hard at them.

And finally, lean back and ask yourself this question: what did we do to deserve such men (and women) as these? What indeed?


  1. if people are not taught to respect humans then they will have no respect for Earth, Her water, Her trees, Her water……or the other way around, if they cannot even think to pick up their trash, how do they treat humans, or animals?
    sad images for no one especial Mother Nature deserves this treatment….and it happens all over the world
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. Typical of the human race. And greatly disappointing. I remember in the late 50’s people throwing huge amounts of trash out on the highways as they drove cross-country. My parents did this, too. 😐

  3. beauty created itself for wonder they do not understand the meaning of life not all the people have the wings …. they do not …. humanity needs better teachers ….

  4. I never understand why folk leave litter. There is no excuse, and quite frankly, I’d be too embarrassed to do so. Many of our countrymen here are the same, with many Turkish roads littered with rubbish. A sad mentality my friend.

  5. The problem is we are never taught or we never teach our children to keep the public places as clean as we like our home to be. Women very easily throw a bag of house-trash outside the colony / somewhere on the way to office because well we’re keeping our surrounding clean aren’t we? We ask our children to throw the chocolate wrappers outside the car window and keep the car clean. We throw the trash out of train windows to keep our seats clean. That’s what we do and what we teach our children. At least most of us.

    And the worst part is the few of us who do try to practice the cleanliness in public places too e.g. carrying a bag to keep all the trash and throw it in some dustbin are branded “showing-off” by others who don’t! We have to be conscious and mentally strong (taking all the jibes of behaving like “NRI”) for doing the right thing!!! Have experienced this several times!

  6. VERRY Good post, my Dear Rajiv! Superb, Detailed photographs. Kudos. Kudos on the Thoughts too. Many thoughts from my side on these.

    We Indians follow the West, in Thought and in Act, …but after about a gap of 50 years! And the West has become Litter-Conscious only of late.

    Even now, the West Litters, particularly directly into the Atmosphere, particularly by its use of Coal.

    As for these fellows in the pic, I would call them ‘Lower-Middle Middle Class.’ The man facing Us in the jacket seems to be the boss figure there, in spite of there being older men there. But ‘his’ Cultural upbringing and background is proved by the young friend picking his nose.

    In speaking about a ‘Clean India,’ modi seemed to have started something really worth-while. But the man NEVER seems to have the know-how nor the Gumption to take things through.

    Let us give it another Fifty years and see! 🙂

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