Talkin’ About The Magic Frame

The Magic Frame
The Magic Frame

Some of you know that I like to drivel on and on. One of the areas that I may tend to be a bit garrulous about in the future, is photography.

I thought of the name for these photographic musings as “The Magic Frame”, from something very profound that I read in a book on photography. It said that a photo is just a bunch of elements enclosed in a frame. The possibilities of how we add and arrange the elements in this frame is almost infinite and is determined by our artistic vision, and by our technical prowess. It is also determined by what drives us as individuals. So, whenever I write on this subject, you will see the above picture somewhere on the post.

I spoke about this to my good friend, Michelle Marie,and she designed the above ‘logo’ for me. She is a brilliant lass, one of the more brilliant and talented people that I have come across.

This post is not just to start this series of writings, but also to say ‘thank you’ to her.


  1. I like the “The Magic Frame” it shows and whispers the reflection of what you see …..
    I thought of Snow Whites mirror when I saw the name, though square not oval…
    it is a symbol of birth so to speak…which is what an image is I think, giving birth to a new window for someone to see…okay I am rambling enough 🙂
    I wish you great success with your new Magick Frame
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Take Care…You Matter…

      1. 🙂 it seems I have always used the spelling,
        I’m glad you like it
        and You’re Welcome

  2. OH wow! How did I miss this? Thank you for the compliment! I tell you my friend I believe in your work and want to help you fulfill whatever you can on this earth. I love all your posts! I hope you don’t get tired of my comments. I needed to get here and visit!
    I turned off my email alerts because I was spending so much time online and less creating and having some quiet time! Yay for that! Keep going this is exciting! I sense something amazing coming your way! 😀

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